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- Annmarie Gualberto

Annie G is a psychic medium based out of Somerset, NJ.


Her unique heart felt readings allow her to connect to the other side bringing through healing messages from your loved ones. In addition to her psychic medium abilities, Annie G is a Certified Reiki Master, Animal Communicator, Angel Intuitive and Oracle & Tarot card reader.



About Annie G

Thank you for checking out my profile!  My journey has been quite unique.  


From a very young age, I realized I was able to connect to the spirit world.  From that early age, I started receiving visitations from deceased people. When I approached my very religious parents (I am one of eight children who grew up in a very conservative, Catholic family) regarding conversations I would have with family members who have passed, my parents would explain that is was just my vivid imagination.  


Needless to say, I just assumed everyone had visions and was able to speak to loved ones who have passed.


Over the years, I would have visions of events that would flash into my mind and it would happen a short time later.  My sister would often ask my advice on obstacles she was facing, knowing the advice I was giving was actually a glimpse into her future.


To say, this gift found me is nothing short of an understatement. It was not until 30 years later that I decided to really hone my skills.   As the years went by, my spirituality increased, I decided to take some classes to figure out why I was chosen to receive these remarkable gifts.  In 2015 I became certified as a Reiki Practitioner and Angel communicator. A year later I found myself developing into an Animal Communicator.  I have always seemed to connect and communicate with animals all my life and enjoy helping families build a deeper understanding and relationships with their pets. 

Finally, in 2017 I started developing my mediumship abilities. I have always had conversations with family and friends who have transitioned to the spirit world and would do small readings for friends on the side.  I never really thought of pursuing it professionally until the number of friends and family asking for readings became overwhelming.  Friends and family were amazed at how accurate the readings were and how I was able to connect with loved ones who have passed, giving very detailed, specific messages.  As I was working with Reiki clients, I realized that spirits would always come through with a healing message and recognized all the work I was doing was all connected.

During these unprecedented times, my psychic abilities has helped those who are faced with economic uncertainty, job loss, relationship issues, the loss of a pet and/or connecting family members with loved ones who have passed.   I truly enjoy helping people and utilizing my psychic gifts to help guide you.  I look forward to working with you in bringing through your loved ones and working with your pets.


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